Working Together to Expand
the Visibility of Skin Disease

About the Coalition of Skin Diseases

The Coalition of Skin Diseases (CSD) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of the 84 million Americans living with a skin condition.

By working independently, in coalition, and alongside advocacy organizations committed to patients living with dermatological conditions, the CSD aims to be at the forefront of progress toward a day where all individuals affected by skin disease have access to life-preserving/changing treatments and high-quality care.

In partnering with dermatologic patient advocacy organizations, professional associations, and industry stakeholders with a similar mission related to skin disease, we work to accomplish this by:

  • Fostering education and awareness of skin diseases and disorders,
  • Advocating for access to appropriate and quality health care and treatments,
  • Contributing to burden and related skin disease research, and
  • Strengthening dermatologic patient advocacy organizations through the sharing of resources

Our Mission

To advocate on behalf of individuals with skin disease and increase the pace of discovery or a cure, while improving the quality of life for those affected.

The CSD is guided by the principles of:

  • Patient-Centricity
  • Respect and Inclusion
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Spirit of Collaboration and Good Faith
  • A Mindset of Growth and Innovation

Membership with the CSD

The CSD is a collective of patient groups, non-profit, and corporate entities which align with the coalition’s mission in advocating for dermatological patients. There are three membership opportunities:

Associate Membership

Dermatological Patient Support Organizations that are tax-exempt with 501c3 status.
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Affiliate Membership

Entities that are tax-exempt and whose mission supports the goals of the CSD.
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Corporate Membership

Entities that are non-tax-exempt with a focus on those living with a skin disease.
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Thank You to the CSD 2022
Corporate Members

The Coalition of Skin Diseases gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our Healthcare Industry Partners.